Paige, Nihil Young – Mirage


Collaborative duo Paige and  Nihil Young release the Mirage EP, one that they would call timeless. Blending electronica, with deep house, and epic vocal takes from Diana Miro, Mirage lives up to its name, we envision a rave celebrating love and freedom out under the desert sky. Is it even real or is just all in our heads?

Paige breaks down the EP for us below.

I’ve been a fan of Diana’s work for a while now, especially her song “The Worship.” The original and Patrice Bäumel remix is amazing. Having the opportunity to work with her and Nihil Young, I believe we all knew the collaboration would be deep, moody and sexy. We originally planned for 1 track, but the flow and energy between us was so smooth, that the EP came together like magic. “Say” is a euphoric, driving, energetic journey. “In Between” is sexy, warm, and mysterious. “Silhouettes” is powerful, futuristic, unifying — and what we believe will one day, feel timeless. Mirage EP is our first of many collaborations together, and we can’t wait to share more with the world!

Mirage EP is out now on Nomade Records, stream it below!

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