Pioneer DJ adds cloud DJing to their flagship CDJ-3000

Pioneer DJ has added a new feature that lets you DJ from the cloud using the CDJ-3000. CloudDirectPlay allows you to connect up to six CDJs to the internet via the same hub that’s used to Link devices – there’s no WiFi capability for individual players yet – and use your USB storage device as a way to authenticate your Dropbox account and access your tracks and metadata stored there. You’ll need a Creative or Professional rekordbox plan to use this feature. 

Once you authenticate your USB stick to link to your Dropbox, you can choose the cloud as your source on the CDJ and log in. Then you can access your full rekordbox library or whatever playlists you’ve sync’d to the cloud. If another USB device is plugged in on a linked 3000 that also uses CloudDirectPlay, that user’s files will also be available as a source across all CDJ-3000s on the network. The feature doesn’t currently work with any other player model such as the 2000nxs2. 

Once the USB stick is removed, the CDJ loses access to the cloud so no one else can access your files. If you lose a USB stick you can revoke access from that stick using rekordbox. Any changes made on the device, such as adding hot cues, will be updated automatically in the cloud and sync’d to rekordbox. 

CloudDirectPlay is available as a free firmware update for the 3000s on the Pioneer DJ website. As mentioned, you’ll need a Creative or a Professional plan to use the feature, which starts at  £14.99 a month. Find out more on Pioneer DJ’s website and watch the video below for more details on how CloudDirectPlay works.

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