Pioneer DJ announces new battle mixer with Bluetooth

Pioneer DJ has launched a new two-channel battle mixer, the DJM-S7. The mixer is a more affordable version of the popular S9 mixer, and features the same two FX levers, eight performance pads per channel with hot cue, sampler, and more, Magvel fader pro crossfader, three-band EQ and filter per channel and some new features including Bluetooth input so send loops and samples to the mixer from your mobile device and Loop MIDI mode that lets you control samples and loops from the FX levers.

There’s a built-in USB A hub to connect other controllers or connect directly to CDJs, and there are also dual USB B ports to connect two computers for easy swap over or b2bs. Round front there’s lots of customisation controls including crossfader curve and torque adjust, fader curve settings, Bluetooth control and mic input and tone settings. 

The SM-7 comes with Serato Pro DJ license and is also a hardware-unlock device for rekordbox dj so you can immediately start mixing and triggering samples in pro DJ software. The SM-7 costs £1,339.

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