PLAYdifferently announces four-channel MODEL 1.4 analogue DJ mixer

PLAYdifferently has announced a four-channel version of their popular analogue DJ mixer MODEL 1. The new four-channel version – MODEL 1.4, which costs £1,999 – features all the same components of the original, with the same analogue overdrive per channel, parametric EQ rather than three-band, analogue filter per channel, dual cue system, three-band master EQ, D-Sub connection round back for analogue connection to soundcards, two phono preamps, two-band booth EQ and master high and low-pass filters. There are also two stereo send and return channels for effects or extra creative routing. 

Much like the original, it’s a high-spec mixer and was designed again by former Allen & Heath engineer Andy Rigby-Jones, alongside Richie Hawtin. “We always felt a compact version would be welcomed in home studios and perfect for streaming. At a more affordable price, but with no compromise to the purity of design and components, this is a smaller format MODEL 1 with four channels, perfect for the home, as a compact club mixer, or as a nimble tour instrument.” 

Again, there’s no USB or digital connections in sight, so this is very much a full-analogue affair. Given the rave reviews of the original for its sound, fluidity and creative routing, many DJs will be delighted to see a more affordable version hit the market. The mixer costs £1,999 and is expected to ship in January 2021.

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