Recently, New Jersey-bred multi-talented retro-pop artist EM has announced the release of her new album, one she had been working on for several years titled Pathway To Aetheria. The album is a sophisticated collection of 8 beautiful yet very personal songs.

The lyrics hit the spot for anyone who has been in a similar state of mind to Em when you realize that pleasing everyone around doesn’t serve you anymore and all is left for you to do is to protect your sacred energy.
While her soft vocals are giving us a very powerful notification, her delivery of the lyrics is as intense as it should be. Though the talented songstress derives her inspiration from musicians like Alanis Morissette, Stevie Wonder and Pink we can’t ignore the similarity in style and sound with Enya and Annie Lennox.

Pathway To Aetheria may be an album that feels boldly unexpected for electro-pop music in 2020, and that makes it all the more remarkable. As for Em, it’s her most astonishing move so far.