Record store for mice designed by Swedish artist

There’s a new record store in Sweden — but you’ll have to be no bigger than a mouse to visit.

Installed by European art collective AnonyMouse in the town of Lund, Ricotta Records is a vinyl store dedicated to a different kind of digger. 

There’s records from the Spice Gerbils as well as Destiny’s Cheese, and fan-created Amy Winemouse and Stilton John pocket-sized sleeve designs, alongside posters for Rats Against The Machine and Modest Mouse in concert. 

Check out the original post from AnonyMouse below, and see their other projects via their Instagram page

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english below. Vi har fått in väldigt många bra förslag på skivor som borde finnas hos oss, så nu tänkte vi göra en liten tävling – kom på en artist/skivtitel som skulle passa på Ricotta Records, så väljer vi ut det förslag vi tycker är roligast och gör en riktig (mycket liten) affisch av det, och skickar till personen som kom på den, inramad och allt! inspiration finns på bild 2 i det här inlägget. ___________________________________ We have recieved quite a few tips regarding our inventory, so we figured we’d do a little contest – send us your best suggestion of an artist/album that would be suitable at Ricotta Records. We’ll choose the one we find most entertaining and we’ll make a (very small) poster of it, aaand send it to the person in question, framed and everything! all over the world! you can find some inspiration on page 2 in this post. #anonymouse #anonymousemmx #ricottarecords #lund #streetart #mousehouse

A post shared by AnonyMouse (@anonymouse_mmx) on Aug 4, 2020 at 12:53am PDT

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