Spotify playlist: 50 club-primed techno tracks

Our Best New Techno playlist has been updated.

There’s intoxicating sounds from Chevel’s new album on Different Circles; Pearson Sound’s smouldering contribution to the ‘Inside Out’ AUS compilation; fist-pumping fare from Slam and Green Velvet linking up; and spaced-out Imre Kiss acid.

Terr also features with the synth-led build of ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues’; Gaunt delivers a haywire and emotive concoction on THEM; and BNT staple Andrea is back with an infectious, twisted groove on Ilian Tape. Boys Noize appears with big room business; Markus Suckut gets melodic; and TRP helms this week’s most tender cut.

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Patrick Hinton is Mixmag’s Digital Staff Writer, follow him on Twitter

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