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The release of “Head in the Trees” was a career defining moment for Hotel Garuda. The single arrived shortly after former Hotel Garuda constituent, Manila Killa, ceased his engagement with the joint project to pursue solo endeavors. Hotel Garuda consequently became a one man show, headed by remaining member, Candleweather. “Head in the Trees” was his debut solo offering and the first Hotel Garuda production to circulate following Manila Killa’s departure. That Candleweather used his own vocals for the very first time only heightened the monumental stature of “Head in the Trees,” which the artist described as his “most personal song to date.”

Justin Jay, metsä, Julius Jetson, and Marcioz reimagine the April 2019 tune, and their efforts collectively comprise an eclectic array of “Head in the Trees” remixes. metsä’s vision of the single is dreamy and downtempo. It fluidly segues into the airy, beat-driven take that Julius Jetson submits and differs from the pulsating, underground oriented remix that Justin Jay proffers. Marcioz’s rework is the most reconstructive of the four. The revamp has an idiosyncratic glitch to its constructive character that stands in stark contrast with the smoothness of Hotel Garuda’s original

Photo credit: Hotel Garuda/Facebook