Swedish Artist NoVone Is The Man Behind “Seen Enough”

Swedish electronic and progressive house artist NoVone creates, composes and produces his projects, with influences ranging from electro house to progressive house, and sometimes with future rave touches. The astonishingly beautiful vocals throughout the track does wonders in terms of the listening experience he has managed to imagine. 

The beautiful sonic experiences alongside elevating combine the perfect dose of emotionality with uplifting vibes, all through an aerial atmosphere that produces the effect of relaxation, calm, and peaceful feelings before things get more aggressive in some parts of the track. 

The greatly built track displays NoVone’s deep understanding of sonics and the equilibrium needed for a track to capture the complexities of sound in its totality. 

He has clearly found the formula for touching the listener’s heart and mind with delicate yet extremely powerful electronic soundscapes.

Last but not least, his ability to bridge and juggle with different electronic genres has helped him create this heavenly delight that will be followed by many new releases in the coming months. 

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