Tensteps returns with massive new single ‘Smoke & Mirrors’: Listen

Coming fresh on the heels of his second collaboration with label boss Andrew Rayel, Tensteps returns with a massive new solo release. Smoke & Mirrors sees the Las Vegas producer continue to build upon his already incredible catalog of releases.

2023 was a very busy year for Tensteps. The producer would spend much of the year on the road, opening up for Andrew Rayel while also working on completing his debut album, Infinite. Continuing to capitalize on that momentum, he has returned with two massive releases to open up the new year. A month after delivering the festival-ready anthem Let Me Love You with Rayel, he delivers Smoke & Mirrors, once again building upon his vocal focus singles and hypnotic melodies. Discussing the start of this new era of sorts, Tensteps stated:

“Smoke & Mirrors is a super special record for me because it’s the start of a new chapter of Tensteps.  I’ve never experimented with the more techno-influenced side of dance music before, and I wanted to find a way to bridge the harder kicks and grittier acids with the melodies and vocals that I love.  I really love this new blend of sounds I’ve spent months immersing myself in, and now I just hope the fans will appreciate it too!”

With seemingly endless talent and production skills, Tensteps’ decision to continue to evolve his trance works into more techno-based productions will only help to increase his reach and audience. With the year still very early, the American producer seems keen to further break out and deliver new songs and styles to his ever-growing fanbase.

Be sure to check out the infectious new single Smoke & Mirrors below.

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