This producer is releasing an album on an N64 cartridge

A producer is releasing the first ever album on a Nintendo 64 cartridge. 

Hamburg-based artist Remute’s latest album, ‘R64’, follows his 2021 “cartridge albums”, ‘Living Electronics’, which came out exclusively for Gameboy, and ​​’Electronic Lifestyle’ for PC Engine. He’s also previously released music on floppy disks and Sega Genesis. 

Offering an alternative listening experience to modern-day streaming platforms, the new album’s sound is generated entirely by the console within just 8MB of storage. The DJ and producer’s bandcamp reads, “with ‘R64’ the Nintendo 64 console is your very own synthesizer.”

The cartridges will fit all models of the Nintendo 64 console – NTSC-U, PAL or NTSC-J. Alongside it, listeners can purchase a limited ‘Plus Edition’ on vinyl which contains an additional vinyl-exclusive song. There will also be an accompanying 3D visual experience made in collaboration with Nintendo 64 developer, Rasky. 

The album marks the first in a new Remute trilogy. The second and third parts, ‘Unity’ for the Gameboy Advance and ‘Generations’ for the Sega Dreamcast, will follow later this year. 

The album will be released on 25th March. You can pre-order here

Listen to the two singles from the album, ‘Superposition’ and ‘Tradition Und Moderne’ below.

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