>Tropix shares sultry first single of 2020, ‘Closer’ [Stream]DSC00049 1 Scaled

With “Closer,” Tropix’s following closes in on the dynamic sonic character of the producer, who punctuates his electronic approach with a newfound sense of ruggedness on his first original single of 2020. Hot on the heels of Tropix’s mid-tempo, dance-centric revamp of Leah Kate’s “WTF,” “Closer” enlists the porcelain vocal capacities of alt-pop duo, Lipp.

Texture enters the equation with the precise metallic riffs of an electric guitar, which serve as the instrumental backbone of the track’s breakdowns. Their presence strikes a sultriness that augments in intensity as the breathy quality of Lipp’s harmonized contributions and the deeper-seated synth work musically collide at “Closer’s” descents.

Tonally wintrier than Tropix’s spin on “WTF” by design, “Closer” is a bold assertion of the producer’s versatility that renders a stylistic reality incontrovertibly clear: electronically speaking, every wheelhouse is Tropix’s wheelhouse.