What’s In Our Inbox? #80

Australia’s very own HOSTILE ARCHITECT has released their brand-new EP “::EX-LOG:: REMANUFACTURE ME”.  This EP also serves as a follow up to the band’s 2021 album “LOWGRADELIFE” which was released via our own record label. The six track EP contains five original songs and a remix from Nyteshayde. You can stream / purchase it directly below. 

Various Artists : Tomb of Primordials
Record label Cryo Chamber has announced that their most recent collaborative compilation “Tomb of Primordials” will be released on May 3rd, 2022. The six track album contains the likes of Dahlia’s Tear, Skadi, Svartsinn, Leturn, New Risen Throne, Mortiis, Inner Vision Laboratory, and Desiderii Marginis. This album seeks to explore Mesopotamia and the mythology surrounding it, with each song focusing on an entity of old. You can stream / purchase the album below. 

Ritualz : Static Noise
Dark electronic artist Ritualz has released his brand new EP “Static Noise”. The EP includes the title track, a cover of Placebo’s ‘Teenage Angst’, remixes from Bloody Knives and noaura, as well as three other brand-new songs. “Static Noise” is the fourth EP into the lead-up of Ritualz’ upcoming album “Radical Macabro” which is due out this summer. You can stream / purchase the EP below. 

Various Artists : Aldaera
Record label Iotura has announced that their compilation Aldaera is out now. The title of the album is translated from Basque into English as “variant and / or change”. The reason they chose this title is because The Euskaltzaindia chose it as their word of the year in 2021 due to the repeated use of it during the 2021 pandemic. The compilation contains eleven tracks from eleven different artists and can be streamed / purchased directly below. 

PKWST : Charming Wax
Experimental artist Parker Weston, AKA PKWST, has released his brand-new album via record label bugs crawling out of people in both digital and limited-edition CD formats. PKWST’s “Charming Wax” finds itself contrasting previous releases; he brings the rhythm to the front crafting an industrial album in comparison to his previous cut-up / noisey jazz outputs. The genres he plays with on the album include IDM, triphop, and dub with influences from Skinny Puppy, Crash Worship, and Muslimgauze. You can stream / purchase it below. 

Parallel : Parallel
Post-punk / dream pop quartet Parallel has released their debut album “Parallel” in both digital and limited-edition cassette formats. Influenced by the likes of The Chameleons, Sad Lovers, Slowdive, Wire, and more, the band banded together in 2019. Following the release of this album, they will be going on a West Coast tour from Vancouver to Tijuana this month. You can stream / purchase the album directly below. 

Bestial Mouths : I Am The Spell
Bestial Mouths has released her brand-new music video and single ‘I Am The Spell’ on all major digital streaming sites, including Bandcamp. The single seeks to fight back against bullies and abusers based on Lynette Cerezo’s own past experiences. Speaking on influences for the song, Cerezo stated, “Musically, this song has a lot of inspiration from ‘80s legends Book Of Love, especially ‘Boy’; it’s such a bright, poppy song entirely about frustration that could be read as body dysmorphia, yet the end finds those frustrations given over to acceptance and a reclamation of power.” You can purchase the single HERE and you can stream the video below. 

The Tenderness of Wolves : Colours
Darkwave / witch house project Tenderness of Wolves has released their debut EP “Colours” via record label Lunagram Recordings. The EP contains two cover versions of Sisters of Mercy’s classic song ‘Colours’. The EP also contains reworks of Tenderness of Wolves’ recent singles ‘Death | Devil’ and ‘Anatomy of Terror’, as well as two brand new songs ‘Satanic Panic’ and ‘Terminat Hora Diem’. You can purchase the EP HERE and you can stream the music video below. 

Siva Six : Club Macabre
Dark electro project Siva Six has released a brand new music video for ‘Club Macabre’. The single originally appeared on their album “DeathCult” which released in November 2021 on Alfa Matrix. The song deals with infamous Manson family with Christina Vane playing Sharon Tate, and David Adam, Strutter Strutter, K.V., and The Empress playing members of the Manson family. You can stream the music video directly below. 

Cold industrial-wave project grabyourface has released two brand new singles accompanied by a music video for ‘FKNBSTRDS’. The singles are both social commentary focused. On grabyourface’s Bandcamp page, it reads, “The anger against the people who promised us the sky, but took everything and then tore off a bit of that sky to take home.” You can stream the video directly below and you can purchase the singles HERE

Caroline Blind : I Feel Speed
Caroline Blind has released a brand new video for her cover of Love and Rockets’ ‘I Feel Speed’. The song originally appeared on the tribute album “The Work of Sinners, The Work of Saints – A Tribute to Love & Rockets and Tones On Tail” which was released on April 29th, 2022 via Coitus Interruptus Productions. Caroline Blind shares a love for motorcycles. She spoke of the song and said she was drawn to the way the original “captures that slow, dreamy, sweet and blissful mood-state”. You can stream the video below and you can purchase the compilation HERE

ESA : One Missed Call
ESA has released their eighth narrative-based music video alongside their brand-new EP “One Missed Call”. The video follows our protagonist dealing with the fallout of a miscarriage, as well as the grief and loss that comes with it. ESA, being a fan of horror films, has thrown in a homage to the flick near the end of the video. The EP itself comes with the single, as well as remixes from the likes of EMPIRION, Rhys Fulber, C-Lekktor, and Noire Antidote. You can stream the video below and you can purchase the EP HERE

The Drood
Post-industrial band The Drood have just released their brand-new music video and single ‘Psychic Institute’. Formed in 2012 by Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts, the band experienced a couple of line-up changes prior to releasing their debut LP in 2016. Two years after saw the release of two brand-new singles, while 2019 brought them on a tour with The Legendary Pink Dots. Their second full-length album came out in 2021 titled “Totally Comfortable™”. 2022 sees the band working on a string of singles and videos. You can purchase the song HERE and you can stream the video below. 

Body-Banden : Disco-Body-Machine
Space disco / EBM project Body-Banden have released their brand-new single ‘Disco-Body-Machine’ on all major digital platforms, including Bandcamp. The single follows “a young country bumpkin riding his moped to the local gas station for beer and fuel whilst dreaming of attending otherworldly disco parties in outer space.” The single has been released alongside a music-video which can be streamed below. Purchase HERE

Hatif : Repetition
Dark electronic duo Hatif have released their brand-new single ‘Repetition’ on all major streaming sites, including Bandcamp. Blending synthpop, industrial, EBM, and other electronics genres, Hatif aims to show off a “raw contrast of decomposed beats and naked vocals with old synths and new breaks.” Th e single comes off of their forthcoming album “Everything is Repetition” which is planned to be out in the Spring. You can stream the video below and you can purchase the single HERE

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