Wu-Tang’s RZA writes new tune for ice cream vans: LIsten

Wu-Tang’s RZA has produced a new tune for ice cream vans.

American ice cream truck originators Good Humor have teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan’s founder, RZA, to create a new jingle for ice cream vans in the U.S..

RZA has produced the track to replace the currently jingle, ‘Turkey in the Straw’, an American folk song that dates back to the early 1800s and is tied to racist minstrel performances.

Drawing “inspiration from his childhood memories of chasing after ice cream trucks on Staten Island — blending traditional ice cream truck sounds with jazz and hip-hop elements,” RZA’s melody will be available to ice cream trucks in the U.S. via Nichols Electronics, who will also erase ‘Turkey in the Straw’ from their music boxes.

You can hear the tune below, and also check out a behind the scenes video with RZA.

Last month, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Gang Starr’s DJ Premier went head-to-head in a virtual production battle as part of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland‘s Verzuz series. 

It was also revealed earlier this year that Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man and Mobb Deep’s Havoc are releasing an album together.

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