Adventure Club Team Up With Codeko and Sarah De Warren on 'Never Surrender'

Following the release of their melodic dubstep single ‘Drive’ featuring Tilian and BEAUZ, powerhouse duo Adventure Club returns with Codeko and Sarah De Warren on the strong-willed single ‘Never Surrender.’ Banding together their sought-after sound production with Cokeko’s classically trained expertise, ‘Never Surrender’ is an exhilarating display of ebb and flow stabilized by Sarah De Warren’s rigorous lyricism. Drifting from harmonious piano sections to gut-wrenching drops, Adventure Club’s latest collaboration toys with emotions proving to be a true testimony to relationship turmoil. Melancholy chord progressions and light-hearted vocals are mutated into valiant breakdowns, swallowing the listener in a dark sea of kick-snare combos and weeping electric guitar elements. Revitalizing the admired craftsmanship born over the last decade, ‘Never Surrender’ is a nostalgic tune that embodies the past and present beloved sounds of the accomplished Montreal-based artists.

Listen below:

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