Airbnb is banning house parties due to coronavirus

Airbnb is banning house parties due to coronavirus.

Following criticism from the UK’s Bed and Breakfast Association, Airbnb has announced a ban on house parties, and a maximum of 16 occupants in almost all the booking site’s listed properties, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Weston, chairman for the UK BBA told The Guardian: “While B&Bs and guest houses have been closed since 23 March, it seems these giant platforms have allowed bookings to be made and enabled the so-called ‘lockdown parties’, which have put guests, hosts, neighbours and communities at risk.”

The change will be enforced in Airbnb properties worldwide, and it follows news that the company would begin testing a ban on under-25s with less than three positive ratings from renting properties in close proximity to their home address.

It comes at a time when illegal raves and parties are on the rise across Europe, as well as sanctioned, legal open air dance music events. The resurgence of parties both licensed and unlicensed has proven controversial, with many questioning the safety of such events, even with mask-wearing regulations and other measures in place.

For a new feature, DJ Mag spoke to venue owners, promoters and ravers about their hopes and fears regarding illegal raves, and other topics, in the wake of COVID-19. One interviewee, a raver, spoke about the anxiety he feels at the prospect of going back to the rave as the pandemic continues: “It could put some people at risk; it’s still transmittable,” he said. 

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