Artist Frank Vanegas Drops A Hit Single Titled “What I Need”

Talented musician Frank Vanegas releases a new track called “What I Need,” a beautifully composed single featuring the amazing Melaner.

The song encompoises the artist’s main inspiration from life– love. “What I Need” is an emotional love song that’s filled with positive energies and the perfect beats to dance around to. The groovy rhythms put the listener in the right mood to embrace the importance of love physically. Meanwhile, the lyrics take the listener to a different realm of love, compassion and support towards their partners. 

Perfectly coordinated choreography is portrayed in the music video, courtesy of Tyler McNair, while the music video is directed by Eirik. The well-shot music video features the artist himself chilling while rapping about his love and beautifully choreographed dancing sequences that capture your attention with each movement. 

The New-York based musician has been prolific in recent years, with singles like “Stars Align,” “Pick You Up” and “Final Thoughts,” all amassing hundreds of thousands of plays. The American-Colombian has an incredible story of his past urban presence and he’s doing an amazing job of expressing himself through his craft– music! “What I Need” by Frank Vanegas is now available to purchase and stream. 

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