Behind the Scenes, Exclusive Interview with Avi Sic

DJ and Producer Avi Sic has been making waves in the scene, especially with her brand-new release ‘With You’, and it is definitely not one to miss out on. Avi Sic is no stranger to the dance music ecosphere, with her impressive career accolades including 300 annual performances in some of the most prestigious clubs and events. This is backed by a discography of impressive hits including a remix of ‘All On Me’ with Sammy Adams, and some of her own work like ‘This Feeling’ constantly turning heads from fans and professionals in the same regard. With repeated success taking her career up to new heights, it is clear that Avi Sic is one to look out for–her style is constantly evolving and with a decade of experience, she has well and truly earned her place within the industry.

What inspired you to create ‘With You’?

I’m great, thanks! I had this vocal that I really liked and basically built the song around that. 

How does this release compare to some of your other tracks?

Stylistically it is a bit different than other tracks of mine, this is more vocal house and an almost progressive influence on the drops but I think that’s what makes it similar to my body of work as a whole. I don’t have a set genre in mind when I create music. I like to explore a handful of styles. Every track of mine and every remix has bits and pieces of something I’m musically attracted to and I’m into a super wide range of music.

Which part of the track is your favorite?

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The drop is definitely my favorite groove. 

Can we hear any of your musical influences within ‘With You’?

Definitely! I’m always affected by whatever it is I’m listening to at the moment. I was really digging the subtlety of the song One By One by Diplo ft Elderbrook & Andhim. I actually sampled the kick from that track and re pitched it until it sounded very different.  

The melodies in this track around the drop are awesome. How did you come about creating them?

Thanks! There wasn’t a melody in mind when I started on the drop, it just kind of happened organically. I played around with different chord progressions and the arpeggios followed pretty easily once I liked the direction. Added some FX, played with different midi synths and patches.

What else can we expect from you this year?

Production wise, I have a handful of projects that I’m really excited about with different vocalists and rappers as well some solo projects in the works. I’m also looking forward to playing a few more summer festivals including Spring Awakening Music Festival and headlining the Chicago Pride Fest in October. I’m also doing a 3 day event in Vegas. 

How are you currently keeping busy?

I play an average of 6 gigs a week so I have no problem with that! I do all kinds of shows from major clubs gigs, to A-list hotels, parties for big brands like Red Bull, Corona and Google to support roles for major artists (most recently Don Toliver, Sheck Wes, Gryffin, and Doja Cat). In my down time I work on my original music and create DJ edits to keep my sets unique. Also, I love playing tennis.. 

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What 3 words would you say best describes you as an artist?




Who in the music scene have you got your eye on at the minute and why?

I’m always combing through social media and networking with people for possible collaborations. There’s so much talent out there! Looking forward to working with Chicago rapper Baha Banks. She’s someone to keep an eye on for sure.


Avi Sic Online:

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