Discover “Rolling Stone” By Bill & Murray

Bill & Murray bring back the 80’s vibe, breathing new life into the synth-pop genre with a new release “Rolling Stone”. This is a song that will sweep you off your feet with its lightness and positivity and its “I don’t care much about much” vibe. We’ve been loving Bill & Murray’s work over here, and it seems like there’s much more to come. 

Exceeding all expectations, “Rolling Stone” feels raw and vulnerable and yet it’s imbued with a sophisticated, lustrous aura that continues to hold the listener’s undivided attention. “Rolling Stone” practically spells out how difficult it is to find a center of gravity, something to stand by. Having performed all around the world and gained much acclaim through their work, Stella Gotshtein (keyboard, vocals) and David Blau (guitar, vocals) seem to be the perfect duet, working together over the course of several years. Their debut album A New Kind of High was released in 2015 via the Russian label Other Voices with tracks like “Rabbit Hole” and “The Silence Grows” garnering top press coverage and radio placements.

Give “Rolling Stone” a listen below!

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