DJ Lag and Sinjin Hawke drop collaborative single, 'Raptor', with Manthe Ribane: Listen

DJ Lag has teamed up with Sinjin Hawke for the next single from his forthcoming album, ‘Meeting With The King’.

The two producers have enlisted the vocal talent of South African artist Manthe Ribane to contribute to ‘Raptor’, which sees Lag’s percussive-heavy gqom sound form natural bedfellows with Hawke’s colourful melodies, as heard on previous Fractal Fantasy output.

“There’s something special about the way Lag uses drums, they’re so tough and epic yet minimal and spacious at the same time,” Hawke said of the collaboration in a statement, adding that it “has been a treat working with him.”
Hawke continued: “We made a bunch of songs together over the pandemic and ‘Raptor’ stood out as the most potent mix of our styles. It was initially composed as an instrumental for a vocalist, but we later found that it sounded great on its own and decided to release it on Lag’s album as a club track.”
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