Download this free lo-fi piano plugin from Steinberg

Steinberg, the makers of Cubase, have released a free plugin for their sampler HALion. Designed for lo-fi hip hop, it’s a piano plugin smeared with retro FX like tape flutter, hiss, saturation and chorus as well as other effects like reverb and delay. According to Steinberg it’s “a tool specially designed for lo-fi beats, chillhop, cosy and retro sounds.” 

It also features built-in MIDI chord pads for users who aren’t up to speed on their music theory but still want those classic warm piano chords. To use the plugin, you’ll also need Steinberg’s own sampler client HALion, which is also a free download. Similar to EXS24 in Logic or NI’s Kontakt, it features heaps of instrument add-ons as well as editing options. 

You can grab both free plugins here, and watch the video below to hear LoFi Piano in action. 

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