Fact Mix 869: MLE

Experimental sounds and Friday night club jams from the Rhythm Section label manager and Worldwide FM host.

Emily Hill’s love of dance music has taken her from Dorset’s boggiest jump-up raves to the clubs of Berlin via Manchester and London in pursuit of bass, electro, coldwave and lysergic chug. While living in London she worked at Soho vinyl institution Sounds of the Universe and became an integral part of the Rhythm Section family. Under her MLE alias, Hill has become a regular fixture on Worldwide FM, Noods Radio and HÖR, and despite moving to Berlin a few years ago Hill remains label manager for Rhythm Section.

“The last two years I’ve taken a bit of a step back from almost exclusively listening to dance music, digging more into eclectic sounds from around the world for my radio shows, coming into close quarters with some exceptional selectors in the process,” Hill says. “I moved to Berlin in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 due to the cost of London living and saw it as a bit of reset to redefine my interests, my production skill and where I wanted to go within my own DJ practices outside of the scene I’d worked in and come up through.”

In her Fact Mix, MLE takes us on a journey through experimental rhythms, crowd-pleasing house jams and classic techno, contrasting Ossia’s slo-mo remix of Jabu’s ‘Slow it Down’, Detroit legend Aaron-Carl’s ‘The Answer’ and Rotterdam electro from DJ Overdose alongside music from DJ SWISHA, Pearson Sound, Bored Lord, Roza Terenzi and Soso Tharpa. “I see this mix as something of a renewal, moving on from sounds people probably associated me with and touching on a whole variety of genres I’m attempting to weave together,” Hill says. “I’d like this mix in some ways to shift perception of me, moving through all the dots of my musical narrative whilst also being a true Friday night buzz mix.”

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Lolina – Advisor
Jabu – Slow it Down ft Daniela Dyson (Ossia Remix)
Soso Tharpa – 10 to 1
PPC – Raw Riddim
Rastronaut – Vibora
Amor satyr – Delight 
Pluralist -Console
Jlin – Nandi
Kid Cala – Calibrando
Alleged witches – It Must Have Been An Animal
Aaron Carl – The Answer
Peaky Beats – Level Up (Urulu’s Hung’n’Swung Mix/)
Maara – Forget the World
Nick Leon ft DJ Babatr – Xtasis (Pearson Sound Remix)
Zenker Brothers – Focus On Positivity 
DJ Overdose – Show M What You Got 
DJ SWISHA – Shake N Bounce (feat Bassbear!!)
Wachita China – Too Dr1ve To Drunk
D-Base – Good Body Girlz
Priori – Dreams of A Digital Sublime (Roza Terenzi Remix)
Bored Lord – Turn Up Your Radio
DJ Flick – River Riff
Cromby – Racer
Digital Burger & Drama – Soka (DJ Fett Burgers Sun Mix)
Watt Noize – It’s My Life

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