>i_o impresses his stimulating signature on DJ Misjah and DJ Tim’s ‘Access’ [Stream]IMG 1630

Keeping dance floors engaged with the intoxicating character of his acid-washed approach to the underground is a central aim of the i_o project that remains on target in the producer’s remix of DJ Misjah and DJ Tim’s “Access.” The trance energy of the original manifests in the form of pounding beats and cyclical synthwork that bears all the distinctive hallmarks of the genre.

Not so on i_o’s take, which foregrounds a hammering beat that nimbly strikes with dark, relentless fury. It’s i_o’s signature and he deftly presses it upon DJ Misjah and DJ Tim’s joint effort, applying his affective twist to the trance outing. The result: a re-imaginative electronic endeavor that enriches i_o’s live inventory.

Featured image: Chris Koeppen