Ivoryghost – Our Love

Following up singles “Ecstasy,” “Limbo,” and “Abysmal,” all of which have been released in this year alone, upcoming producer Ivoryghost is now making his vibe.digital debut with the new track, “Our Love.” The song is filled with high energy thanks to it’s trap-laced percussion, electrifying sample work, and thick, smooth basslines, all of which come together to create something special.

“Our Love” embraces the genre of hardwave, Ivoryghost has put his own spin on the genre which labels can’t get enough of in 2021. From the get-go, haunting piano and synths set the tone of what’s to come. A dark echo-infused vocal comes into play, delivering a quaint calming effect, yet a certain mysteriousness simultaneously. Check out the new vibe.digital-released single below now and above the stream read a quote from Ivoryghost on “Our Love”!

‘Try to be creative everyday, eventually you’ll break through the creative block. (I made this track while feeling very low creatively, I kept trying to just have fun with sounds without expectations and then during a stream I made the foundation for this track :3’

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