Wonder if this video is one big reference to that scene in Hot Rod because if not, that is all I thought of while watching it. Rising South Bay of Los Angeles based DJ and producer Jboi has released his genre-bending new single, the punchy and eclectic “MY ATTIRE.” Featuring sassy female vocals, Jboi crafts an energetic track which borrows elements from a pool of different genres, pulled together in a way that exudes a strong old-school vibe. Loving the energy and overall witty vibe on this one. Check out the fun visual after the jump now!

Capturing the essence of the 80’s/90’s & teasing my upcoming EP ‘Staccato Sounds’, confident, sassy & playful female vocals weave between thick synth bass & 90’s planet rock 808s for an electro-breakdance/hip-hop-dance sound with a modern twist.”

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