Kantor Blends Cyberpunk and House in 'Technodisco'

Releasing a total of 8 tracks in 2021, Kantor knows how to appear as an active, always on the move artist. He’s tapped into genres from trap to mid-tempo, much of which features his one-of-a-kind cyberpunk/dystopian vision within. In “Technodisco,” he merges his signature sound with edgy, modern house sounds that have broadly been in the blend of house music trends this year. Steering well away from any form of unoriginality or redundancy, Kantor has eclectically blended his world with a balanced assortment of house music samples.

Throughout, the experience is detailed and highly technical, sucking the listener in a world of his own. Simple and clean, the arrangement built out here is smooth, making it easy to digest and get absorbed into. Kantor clearly has a keen sense of how to select fitting sounds that play off each other. “Technodisco,” contains this and more, a track that offers more than you bargain for in an exquisite 3-minute-and-some-experience.

Kantor has shown 2-broad styles under 1 name when it comes to the themes of his tunes, a heavily-imaginative cyberpunk setting on the one hand, which usually is paired with a mid-tempo/house feel. “Enter The Grid,” “Hacker,” “Power On,” and “Floppy Disk,” embody these traits. The other hand is a melodic bass side like in “Concrete Jungle,” and “Beside Me” bare.

No matter the direction Kantor takes, every work is well-rendered, crafted, and carefully-calculated before release to ensure a uniform experience is squared away and an enriching impression isn’t left out.

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