Over the past several years, lofi hip hop has been having a moment. With labels such as ChilledCow, Chillhop Music, and College Music, lofi has propelled to one of the most popular music genres on Spotify. As listeners tend to listen to hours upon hours of lofi at a sitting, many celebrities and non-lofi artists are starting to hop on the bandwagon.

Earlier this year, Will Smith started his own “chill beats to quarantine to” YouTube video which has already amassed 7.1 million views on YouTube.

Just recently, Kaskade uploaded his own lo-fi hip hop song called “When You’re Dreaming” featuring Finnstagram. While many will see this as hoping on the bandwagon, Kaskade has validated lofi to his audiences. Will other artists start to hop on the new lofi train? We think so.

Listen to Kaskade’s beautiful new single “When You’re Dreaming” below.