Korg teases new analogue-digital hybrid drum machine

Korg has previewed a new analogue-digital hybrid drum machine called drumlogue. In a new video on their YouTube channel, product developers discuss the unit and preview its sound. While it’s very much still a prototype, they explain it features multiple assignable outputs, the ability to load your own samples, a “rich FX section” and a wealth of performance controls on top of the unit. Crucially, Etienne from Korg explains drumlogue will also feature a revamped SDK for the ‘logue range, allowing third parties to produce effects and more for the unit. 

Though not a lot is known about the new drum machine – and there’s no release date or price yet – it’s very much got an Elektron style about it. It makes sense for Korg to add a drum machine to its growing line of ‘logue and ‘wave synths. We’ll be watching this one closely as more info is revealed. Watch the video below for more info. 

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