With comforting simplicity, but plenty of personality articulated, Matt Mendel debuts “Chillin,” a track worth a thousand words and a grand kickoff to a new alias. With rich emotion tailored to a refreshing balance of empowering rhythm, fluid tempos, and lush instrumental work, a signature sound of sorts is woven through the crafting of this original piece.

Highlighting the weirdness and frustrations of relying on things like Skype and Zoom to communicate in the 21st century only to see the world halt and those be the only means of communication left – a unique story is certainly found within.

Matt Mendel, a Florida-based soloist with a bunch of industry support and experience behind him, built his initial career on the singer / songwriter side of dance music, Matt Mendel is putting all hands on deck as he launches a plethora of projects around the Matt Mendel name.