Moon Boots hands over 13 radiant jams ahead of AMF Festival

Since 2011, Brooklyn-born soul selector Moon Boots has time and time again proved himself to be a dashing master of funk behind the decks.

A founding member of the celestial dance music imprint French Express, Moon Boots has released numerous production efforts on Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep label – which hosted his debut LP ‘First Landing’ in 2017. Moon Boots’ unique blend of disco and house has garnered the support from the likes of significant house tastemakers like Annie Mac, Gorgon City, Skream, Jamie Jones and more.

Showcasing his master touch in music curation, Moon Boots returns to Mixmag’s Selects series to offer up 13 blazing summer jams ahead of his performance at AMF Festival in Downtown Los Angeles on August 18.

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Get into it below.

The Internet ‘Wanna Be’

“I’m super impressed with The Internet and their latest album. Every chord & every element of this song feels right to me.”

​Herb Alpert ‘Rise’

“This song is best known as the origin of the sample that gave us ‘Hypnotize‘, but it’s worth listening to the whole thing on repeat. The piano playing is really funky and the trumpet sounds fantastic on a hot summer day.”

​Tullio De Piscopo ‘Stop Bajon’

“I came across this recently on a balearic compilation. Apparently, it was popular in the early house scene in Chicago, and you can see why. Also, a trumpet-lead song with great keyboards. This one screams summer to me too.”

Grace Jones ‘I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)’

“I heard this on an episode of Pose recently. I love the series and it has an incredible soundtrack with all kinds of songs I never thought I’d hear on a TV show.”

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra ‘Bourgie Bourgie’ (Louie Vega Remix)

“The Ashford & Simpson instrumental version of this song was the first track on a Larry Levan compilation I got around the time I realized I wanted to be a DJ. I really like Louie Vega’s version of this on NYC disco. He’s made a couple longer, more DJ friendly edits too. The chords in this are magical and the lyrics are great too.”

​Navid Izadi ‘Feelin’ Purple’ (Soul Clap Remix)

“I woke up yesterday to the news that Navid had passed away in a tragic accident and I still can’t believe it. He was such a kind and fun guy to be around and had a wicked sense of humor. He was a great performer and DJ too. It really sucks. I’m gonna miss him!”

Moon Boots ‘Keep The Faith’ (Lifelike Remix)

“French house is always gonna have a special place in my heart and I was really happy to have Lifelike do such a cool remix for one of my songs. This is the second “single” released as part of ‘First Landing Remixed’, a collection of remixes of songs from my debut album that will be out next week!”

Moon Boots ‘Utopia’ (Nick Monaco Remix)

“This was the first “single” from ‘First Landing Remixed’. I’ve been a fan of and friends with Nick for years and he did such a nice job on this. I’ve been playing this every set for months now.”

​DJ Kaos ‘Horny Morning Loop’ (Till Von Sein Remix)

“I could have picked any number of Till Von Sein productions since he has so many good ones but this is my favorite right now. Very happy that he is going to be the guest of honor on my inaugural Boots Cruise boat party August 25th in NYC.”

​Simple Symmetry ‘Too Much Fun At The Temple of Doom’

“This track is a recent discovery for me and it’s just bonkers. I actually did have too much fun playing this in India two weeks ago.”

​Octo Octa ‘Fleeting Moments Of Freedom (Wooo)’

“This came out last winter but it feels like it could have been released any time (and I mean that in the best way). Love the feeling of this track and the title too.”

​Baltra ‘Iwunnaf33l’

“Baltra’s an up and coming artist whose music I really dig. He also did an excellent remix of my song ‘Fortune Tellers’ which is going to be on ‘First Landing Remixed’.

​Ross From Friends ‘Thank God I’m A Lizard’

Ross From Friends has a great sense of sonics and a great sense of humor. His debut album just came out and it’s really good!”

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