Niko B and Mary Steven star in new Woo series Nature’s Calling

Woo is a new media business aimed at redefining wellness for Gen Z.

To mark their launch, Woo has shared the new comedy series Nature’s Calling. Featuring TikTok star Mary Steven, aka Oatmilk Leader, and YouTuber and musician Niko B, the episodes explore nature’s capacity to act as an antidote to mental health struggles. The inaugural instalment sees the pair try wild swimming. Joined by filmmaker and wild swimmer Cat White, the video looks at the potential water has to reduce stress.

Other Nature’s Calling episodes see Steven and Niko B go bird watching and try life drawing as a creative way of connecting with your body.

Founded by Stephen Mai, Woo is seeking to redefine wellness by creating a more accessible and culturally relevant approach for young people to counter negative clichés and stereotypes often associated with the wellness industry. Find out more about Woo here.

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