NTS Radio is looking for new residents and genre specialists to join its roster. 

The online network, which broadcasts from global locations and maintains bases in London and Manchester among other cities, has issued an open call. The statement invites interest from new ‘radio personalities’ and experts in styles such as alte, asakaa, jazz fusion, 2-step soul, 20s-70s blues, outsider country, highlife, min’yo, sanjo, nanyin, metal, classical, gnawa, amapiano, lovers rock, dub and reggae.

Anyone interested should first take a look at our recent feature about how to get your own radio show. Featuring insight from the likes Mari* (Worldwide FM), Fankie Wells (Foundation FM) and RBC (No Signal), it looks at the significance radio has played during the pandemic, and explores what new hopefuls need to get noticed. You can also read a recent interview with Jaguar, for more pointers, and read more about how independent radio has thrived over the past 12 months.

NTS applicants should submit their pitches here