OVERDSE, MaMan, and Ryan Bauer Collaborate on Killer, Vocally Driven, Melodic Dub Track

What is going on dance music fans! Today we have a special, collaborative record for you to tune into! We are featuring the track, Hurt Someone, produced by OVRDSE, MaMan, with lyrical guest Ryan Bauer. The record revolves around perfectly produced melodic dubstep and bass music with easily identifiable sound designs that provide a great atmosphere for the track. Additionally, Ryan Bauer’s lyrics bring such deep emotion and meaning to the track, not to mention they are easy to sing along with, which would work perfectly in a live setting. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The story of Hurt Someone happened in this moment of these artists careers as a milestone of how far they’ve come as artists but also to emulate this feeling that they all had when they collabed together on this amazing record. – Dripping in Roses, Record Label

Below is the musical video for Hurt Someone that has received high public acclaim for its ability to influence emotion!

Dripping in Roses record label is based in Los Angeles, OVRDSE DJ, producer and musician from Canada, MaMan producer, pianist, and musician from the Netherlands and Ryan Bauer, singer and songwriter from upstate NY.

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