Turn your voice into MIDI with Dubler 2

Software company Vochlea has released Dubler 2, the next version of the award-winning voice-to-MIDI standalone app that lets you realistically convert your voice to MIDI notes and drum patterns in real-time. Used by artists like Novelist and Portrait XO, the new version lets you use any microphone you wish, and can be calibrated to recognise your voice more accurately. 

Once your voice is configured there are tonnes of different features you can trigger including standard MIDI notes, chords and scales, drums for beatboxing and other more unique features like pitch bend which follows your voice, voice timbre mapped to three different CC outputs for creative modulation and velocity and envelope mapping. It’s possible to still use the official Dubler mic, but you can use any input you want, through any soundcard. 

If you’re not the world’s best keys player, or if you want to quickly lay down ideas without plugging in your MIDI controllers, Dubler 2 is a great way to create a new interface that isn’t restricted by skill level or instrumentation. You can download the 7-day trial here and watch the video below to learn more.

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