Watch OLING play a live stream from an abandoned concrete plant in Sweden

Watch OLING play a 40-minute live stream from an abandoned concrete plant in Sweden later this week.

Produced by Jeremy Olander’s label Vivrant in collaboration with Jägermeister, and broadcast in partnership with DJ Mag, Swedish DJ/producer OLING’s set features 40 melodic minutes of unheard music from the rising star, as well as his debut EP, ‘Aves’, released via Vivrant last week.

Speaking about the stream, OLING said: “This specific factory is a spot close to where I grew up that I always rode past when I was out biking and hanging out with my friends. It was one of those go-to spots that come to mind when I think back to my childhood.

“When we got the opportunity to put together a stream around the EP release, I felt like the raw vibe coupled with the green and lush surroundings would contrast nicely against each other. My music is made with dance floors and clubs in mind, but I sample a lot of sounds from nature, so it was import to me the location represented my musical identity in that sense, and it really does. This spot has been abandoned for years and going back there after living in Stockholm for a while, it was so cool to see how mother nature had reclaimed its soil. The trees and weeds had grown around the pillars, and the weeds had cracked through the concrete floors.”

The set will premiere at 19:00 GMT on Thursday 9th December via DJ Mag’s YouTube and Facebook channels. You can subscribe to our YouTube here.

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