Andrew Weatherall tribute EP by his brother Ian and Duncan Gray released: Listen

An Andrew Weatherall tribute EP has been released by his brother, Ian Weatherall, and Duncan Gray.

Yesterday (17th), on the first anniversary of Andrew Weatherall’s death, Ian Weatherall and Duncan Gray, AKA IWDG, released an EP titled ‘In A Lonely Place (A Tribute To Andrew Weatherall)’ to honour the late artist.

Released via Rotters Golf Club, the label launched by Weatherall in 2001, the EP remixes New Order’s ‘In A Lonely Place’, and includes remixes from three of his closest friends and collaborators in the form of David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood (AKA Radioactive Man), and Hardway Bros. All proceeds from the EP will be shared between Andrew Weatherall’s wife, Lizzie, and the Thrombosis UK charity. 

You can listen to clips from the EP below, and purchase ‘In A Lonely Place (A Tribute To Andrew Weatherall)’ here.


The story of Andrew Weatherall’s ‘Fail we may, sail we must’ track title, tattoo and beloved fan mantra has become the stuff of legend over the past decade. Yesterday, an Irish radio DJ has uncovered more details of the fabled tale.

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