Find Out What “ReUp” Means For You With The One And Only Scribbles Who

The world is ready for some meaningful, exquisite music that comes packaged with a stunning music video, and, of course, we are talking about Scribbles Who! Every single song she drops is just perfect and this time she’s back with “ReUp” which has gathered thousands upon thousands of plays and streams. 

The profoundness of the song goes beyond what we see in the industry every day. The talented artist leverages her extraordinary vocals in a smooth r&b/soul fusion, at the same time sharing important revelations with her audience.

Scribbles Who is a Haitian-American artist from Pompano Beach, Florida who has been writing poetry and rapping from a young age. Soon after, she was encouraged to try songwriting and success was imminent; she sold the very first song she wrote. Starting out as a songwriter, she collaborated with other artists and gained some major label placements. In 2018 she gave wings to her own music by releasing a few singles but continued to focus on other outside projects. Her previous songs that have gained much popularity include “Smoke In Here” featuring NovaKing and Raw Youngin as well as “Getit” and “Poison”.

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