The Day After Bandcamp Friday: Our Wallets Hurt

Each and every single Bandcamp Friday is a struggle; the amount of music that releases is hard to keep up with, my inbox gets filled with glorious releases, and then my wallet begins to cry for mercy as I purchase album after single after EP in a repetitive loop. Nonetheless, I always find it interesting to go back through the plethora of releases that came out the day before, further sorting my interests and making sure that I didn’t miss something I wanted. So, here goes, a collection of music that has piqued my interest that was submitted to our lovely little blog – or that I got a notification about. 
Dav Dralleon : FALL OV MEN
Dav Dralleon’s “FALL OV MEN” has been out since April 2021; hell, I even gave it quite a positive review on the site. The theme of the album stems around the end times for mankind, how they’ve ruined the Earth, and how Heaven has been watching. And now, disappointed with mankind, the angel of Death comes down to wreak havoc throughout the land and make mankind extinct. It’s a pretty decent, if not cliché concept that’s been talked about a dozen times before. But what’s not cliché about it is Dav Dralleon’s excellent spin on darksynth, cinematic music and beats. And the reason this album is making it on the Bandcamp Friday list is that Dav Dralleon released a vinyl version of “FALL OV MEN”.  Pretty neat, huh? Check it out. 
I Ya Toyah : Ghosts
Industrial rock phenom I Ya Toyah is stripping away all the harsh industrial elements in her music for a very personal, very vulnerable release titled “Ghosts”. She takes a couple of her songs from past releases and strips them down into a gorgeous acoustic version. Three songs are coming out digitally, those being ‘Pray’, ‘Code Blue’, and ‘Time Machine’. Included on the CD version, however, are four tracks of ‘Whispers’ – exclusive audio content featuring spoken word by I Ya Toyah. Only ninety-nine copies are available for purchase, so you may want to grab it before it’s gone. 
Sidewalks and Skeletons : Exorcism
This is another album that’s been out for a bit. Much in the spirit of Dav Dralleon, however, Sidewalks And Skeletons has launched two vinyl versions of “Exorcism” in celebration of Bandcamp Friday. Unfortunately, the neon violet version has already sold out – which it did in a matter of hours. Thankfully, the electronic witch house act still has neon pink versions available for pre-order, with copies shipping around March 10th, 2023. 
Abstrakted : Recollected
Colin Cameron, known primarily for his project Slighter, has a ton of side projects that’s hard to keep track of. At least on my end. However, what I have just discovered as of yesterday is that Abstrakted is one of his projects focused around ambient music. Yesterday, Abstrakted put together a bunch of his works into one brand-new album. This EP reconfigures past ambient pieces into one cohesive experience. All songs have been updated and remastered, and a previously unreleased song ‘Unconscious Universe’, is available here. 
Venus of Gorgon : Breathing But Not Alive
Infamous industrial producer Angelspit has teamed up with industrial rock project Queen of the Static Opera to form Venus of Gorgon. They released their debut single yesterday titled ‘Breathing But Not Alive’, featuring duel vocals of Melody Lynn and Zoog Von Rock. The single apparently uses a DIY instrument called a Blaster Beam. It’s described as “a 6-foot aluminum stringed instrument armed with industrial strength wires and a barrage of Metal guitar pick-ups producing a wall of distortion.” Pretty cool, huh? 
Holon : Virtual Nothing
One of the premiere instrumental cyberpunk, electro, and generally chill producers in all the land, Holon, has blessed our virtual lives with a brand-new digital album titled “Virtual Nothing” that has swept his cult fan base. These twelve tracks explore the “encroachment of the virtual into the real, parasocial relationships, grinding for non-existent virtual items.” It asks whether or not our virtual lives are worth our physical. I leave you to answer that question. 
Morgue VVitch & ΔLLICΘRN : Higher
Witch house projects Morgue VVitch and ΔLLICΘRN have teamed up to release their collaborative single ‘Higher’. This three-and-a-half-minute single is a slow-paced, bass-y beast containing all the spooky EDM related beats you would expect from the genre. Elevating it is Morgue VVitch’s ethereal vocals and a general Halloween-like feel. Perhaps that’s just because it’s that time of the year. But I don’t care; anything that gets me more into the season is grand. 
Neontenic : The Hackernaut (feat. Timecop 1983)
Synthwave producer Neontenic has released the fourth single off his forthcoming album “Extranet Metaverse”. Collaborating with Timecop 1983, ‘The Hackernaut’ follows a sequential storyline that’s been teased by his previous singles including ‘Neon Fashioned’. The plotline follows the titular Hackernaut trying to make a virtual heist of the universe’s digital currency, hoping to make himself the most powerful user in virtual reality. 
neon shudder : Welcome to the NET
Cyberpunk and darksynth project neon shudder has released their eighth full-length album and nineteenth overall release titled “Welcome to the NET”. Featuring ten songs altogether, it’s meant to sound like a soundtrack for an early 2000s video game that doesn’t exist. I’ll be honest when saying that some of these songs gave me some Persona vibes, but everyone will have different views on it. Cyberpunk media played a huge role in this album including the likes of Ghost in the Shell and Neuromancer, amongst others. 
Cortlandt Alley : Of Tough Youths
Y’all know Rabbit Junk and the one part of the project named JP Anderson. What you might not have known (something I didn’t know until I got the e-mail) is that he runs a side-project called Cortlandt Alley alongside poet and songwriter Drew Dillhunt. The duo have released a brand-new single titled ‘Of Tough Youths’ which has been described as spaghetti-western synthwave. And those influences are so easy to hear after the first listen. Definitely check it out. 
Nightcrawler : Turbulence
Darksynth producer Nightcrawler has just released this brand-new single titled ‘Turbulence’. A frantic and fun piece from the producer with heavy bits and crunchy dancefloor rhythms. If the cover art is anything to go by, the turbulence experienced is based on a flight through space where a bunch of people, androids, or general humanoids are floating in air like a debris field. An interesting concept – but when in doubt, haul ass. 
W.A.S.T.E. : This Is What We Seek
Industrial powerhouse and noisy rhythmic musicians W.A.S.T.E. have re-released their 2006 album “This Is What We Seek” in digital formats on their own Bandcamp page. Originally limited to 200 physical copies, the hard-to-come-by edition is now long sold-out and ultra rare. This digital reissue contains all the original tracks from the release, including the Combichrist remix of ‘Shut Up And Bleed’ which was featured in 2009’s The Collector.  

Emmon : RECON
Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine I have just discovered Emmon, an electro / EBM project based out of Sweden. The project had a five-year hiatus before returning in 2019 with a streak of four singles, all of which had led to the announcement of her next album “RECON”. Gritty synths, thundering basslines, and Emmon’s signature soprano vocals make for quite a different sound in comparison to the normally rough sound. A lot of the packages on offer are now officially sold out, but CD and digital versions still remain. Check it out. 
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