UMEK has announced a new NFT drop, which includes remixes of his 1999 hit ‘Lanicor’ and even the chance to book UMEK for an exclusive gig. There are five NFTs up for grabs – three remixes, one livestream performance and one IRL live gig. It’s the first time the agreements for a live performance have been minted as an NFT

Of the auction, UMEK said: “I wanted to approach NFTs in a unique way, so I included a business angle – booking gigs through them. Live events will be returning soon, hopefully in the next couple of months, so having a secure booking in the future is great. Not to mention that live gig NFTs and livestream NFTs are a great way for fans to support their favourite artists and even book them for their own private events.”

While the gigs and one of the remix NFTs are one-offs, one of the remixes is a one-of-10 and the other is a one-of-30, meaning there’s more than one NFT of each to get your hands on. The bidding starts at $750 all the way up to $5,000 for the live gig NFT. You can bid on the NFTs here – the auction starts on Thursday, April 29th at 8pm GMT and runs for 24 hours. Good luck!