A footwork version of Heardle has been launched

Think you know your RP Boo from your DJ Rashad? Then this is the game for you.

A new version of Heardle has been created, with a footwork spin on the popular daily music puzzle-solving game. Made by Twitter user @FootworkMonitor and Sophie Morrison, Footwork Heardle follows the same format as Heardle, playing a short intro clip from the track for users to identify. Each day brings a new footwork tune to ID.

The genre, which grew out of ghetto-house in Chicago in the 90s, has evolved over the past couple of decades to become a worldwide phenomenon. In the UK, Addison Groove, Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas and Hyperdub founder Kode9 were influential in the growth of footwork’s popularity outside of America.

Launched yesterday, Fotwork Heardle has already been well received across social media, with DJ and producer Sherelle amongst those enjoying and sharing the game online. Play Footwork Heardle here.

Read our feature with RP Boo and listen back to a footwork mix from Jana Rush below.

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